Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Are you bothered by the yellowish looking of your teeth? You can always get a brighter set of teeth with our teeth whitening service.

Types of Teeth Whitening

In-office Teeth Whitening

This procedure is done in the clinic by our dentists and you will be able to see the result in just one visit.

During the procedure, our dentists apply the bleaching gel onto your teeth and a specially-designed light is used to activate the process.

Home Teeth Whitening Kit

For the home whitening kit, our dentists will make special mouth trays to fit your upper and lower teeth. With these customised trays, you will dispense the bleaching gel provided to you into the trays and wear them for short times daily, according to your dentist’s instructions.

Which Is A Better Option?

Depending on your needs and preference, you may choose to undergo either one of those, or both for the best outcomes. If you are interested in achieving a whiter smile, you can always talk to our dentists to find out which method suits you best.


Unfortunately, it does not. Therefore, it is important to talk to your dentists to find the right treatment for your teeth. Certain types of staining and discoloration may not be corrected by teeth whitening, but require other procedures like veneers or crowns.

The result varies between individuals and depends on factors such as the initial color of your teeth, how well your teeth respond to the treatment, the types of whitening products and methods used.

You may experience gum irritations and teeth sensitivity which generally last for 1-2 days after the treatment. Contact our dentists if your symptoms persist.

Unfortunately, the results are not permanent. Your oral hygiene and diet habits affect how long the results last.

Results of in-office whitening generally last for 6 months or more. It is recommended to combine both in-office and home whitening for more long-lasting and best results.

You can make the most out of the result by maintaining good oral hygiene, rinse after meals, avoid acidic and strongly-colored food or drinks like coffee, tea, wine and sauces.