Our Technology

iTero 3D Scanning

iTero intraoral scanners are designed to deliver speed, reliability, intuitive operations, and outstanding visualization capabilities for general practitioners or orthodontists. iTero is specifically designed to provide the best workflow with the Invisalign system.

The Invisalign® Outcome Simulator

The chairside application is powered exclusively by iTero scanners to help patients visualize how their teeth may look at the end of Invisalign treatment. This simulated outcome can be shared directly with the patient via email and may motivate greater patient treatment acceptance. Additionally, the Progress Assessment tool on iTero scanners provides an at-a-glance ability to see if Invisalign treatment is tracking to plan; showing the patients’ progress may increase compliance and patient satisfaction

Restorative workflow

Doctors can send digital impressions to the lab of their choice and communicate seamlessly with external treatment planning, custom implant abutment, chairside milling, and laboratory CAD/CAM systems. iTero intraoral scans can enhance the accuracy and precision of the downstream restorative process.

With the iTero 1.5 software upgrade, patient scans can be completed in as little as 60 seconds with the same accuracy and reliability that you have come to expect from iTero scanners.

Digital Smile Design

Digital Smile Design® is a revolutionary dental treatment planning technique that uses digital photography, dynamic video, 3D scanning and state-of-the-art software to record and analyse your face, jaw and teeth in preparation for restorative or cosmetic dental work. Through the use of videography, it analyzes patient’s facial and dental structures and then uses digital technology to create a custom designed smile that expresses the patient’s character.

One Day Crown

The main difference between traditional and same-day crowns is that the latter only requires you to come in for a single dental visit. Your crown will be made in our in-house laboratory while you wait.

The first steps of the treatment are similar to the traditional crown treatment. Your dentist will take a digital impression of your teeth with a 3D scanner, then data will get submitted to our in-house laboratory which will then mill your custom-made porcelain crown.

In the last step, your ceramist will glaze the new crown to match the appearance of the surrounding teeth. Once finalised, the crown can be placed on the prepared tooth.

Same-day crowns are a time- and price-efficient option as you will only have to come to the dentist for a single appointment.