Dental Filling

Dental Filling

Dental filling is done when a tooth shows signs of decay or cavity. It is also placed to repair teeth that have chipped off or worn down.

When Do I Need A Filling?

You may need a dental filling when you have one of the following symptoms:

It is recommended to visit your dentist for routine examination, so that tooth decay can be detected and treated early before more complicated treatments have to be done.

Why Should I Get My Fillings Done?

Prevent further decay

Make teeth healthy
and strong again

Continue to enjoy eating
and chewing

Restore the natural
appearance of
your teeth

What To Expect?

It is a simple and quick procedure. Our dentists will remove the decayed part of the tooth, clean the affected area and fill the cavity, restoring the natural appearance and function of the tooth.


No, it does not hurt. If the cavity is deep, your dentist may numb the tooth before the procedure.

Yes. If your tooth shows signs of decay, a filling should be done as quickly as possible. If left untreated, decay can worsen to cause intense pain. When this happens, more complex and costly treatment like root canal treatment or extraction has to be done.

We use a wide range of high-quality filling materials in our clinics. Our dentists will decide on the most appropriate material for your tooth condition.

It varies depending on various factors such as personal oral hygiene, dietary habits, size of cavity and type of material used. Worry not, if the filling happens to fall out, our dentists are always ready to help.

You may need to get a new filling if there are signs of new decay, discolouration of old fillings or tooth pain.